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Stuck in Traffic on the Information Superhighway

My eyes have melted into my skull. This year I’ve vowed to get a handle on my information flows. (“Vowed” somehow sounds more compelling than “my New Year’s resolution is” … those words are the death knell for a plan if ever there was one.) After heeding this helpful advice and purging my inbox of 2,325 emails, I’ve spent the past two days consolidating email addresses, exporting contacts, importing contacts, creating filters, building calendars, and syncing calendars. I am determined to know the things I need to know to get through a week, and to reduce the amount of time it takes me to figure out what it is I need to be knowing. 2009, it’s all about TSM vs. Web 2.0, and I’m going to win.

Speaking of modern struggles, it used to be at the end of a messy break-up you just filled up a shoebox, set it on fire, and changed your phone number. These days, you’ve got profile links to sever, emails and text messages to purge, Flickr accounts to shut down. Here to take all that painful work off your hands, The Museum of Broken Relationships (h/t The Colby Project). In their efforts to “preserve the material and nonmaterial heritage of broken relationships,” the Museum allows you to dump your detritus on them — and if you’re having trouble letting go, to lock it up:

By registering on the web pages of the Museum you become its donor and here you can store everything that reminds you of your bygone love: e-mails, photographs, SMS messages. If your memories still trigger off painful memories “lock” your exhibits for a specified period: 3 months, 6 months or however long you need for recovering.

Heartbreaking, sure. But amazing.

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  1. We should get together (over lunch) and compare productivity tools. My life got so much easier when I agreed to allow Google to purchase my soul for use as a massive spiritual billboard. In fact, I might have to make a Google Group about it.

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